Let’s Get Cooking!

I guess I should start things by being completely honest: this is a frightening endeavor. 


My push to start this food blog was from my dear friend Laney, who after liking so many of my food-related Instagram posts (which let’s be honest, I really only Instagram food and plants), finally told me to blog about it. This prompted me to be a bit more daring and creative in the kitchen, moving from merely following recipes to modifying and creating them. But as I have been putting this WordPress together and looking back at the dozens of food blogs I already follow, I got a little overwhelmed. There are some fantastic writers, cooks, and recipe creators out there! And I’m trying to join in. Yikes!


I’ve let my schedule get in the way. I’ve rationalized the need for time to apply for elementary jobs, or to clean the mess I’ve built up in the kitchen, etc etc. But when I received a message on Facebook from a high school mentor, Cindy, asking if I was still blogging, I knew I couldn’t put it off any longer. I started this blog because I knew I haven’t been dreaming as big as I’ve wanted to. To delay it any longer is to be apathetic – and the majority of that word is pathetic, which is how apathy feels! So here I am, excited and ready to get a few yummy recipes out to you, fresh from the Whitlock kitchen!


Bon appetit!


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