Monday Munchies: Steamy and Scrumptious!

Happy Monday everyone! Here’s to hoping that some yummy food finds can brighten up any Monday. After a day filled with boisterous three year olds, cooking in my little quiet kitchen is a solace and therapeutic experience!

I know it’s summer, and we all want things to cool us off. But sometimes my husband and I enjoy a good chili or gumbo (in the AC of course!) to change things up a bit. Additionally, it means we get to whip up some cornbread muffins as a side, which we love! So for today’s Monday Munchies, I thought I’d showcase a couple of my favorite soup-esque comfort foods. Both recipes are simple and time effective, which is always a plus! Enjoy!


1. Fun fact about me: I was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. My family and I only lived there until I was four years old, but my mom took tastes of the Creole cooking with us. My all-time favorite Cajun meal is her gumbo, made from scratch, roux and all. I’ve made it once or twice myself, and though it’s a lengthy process, it’s worth it. I’ve always preferred the darker roux base to a tomato base, but when I found Robin Miller’s Slow Cooker Chicken Gumbo recipe, I stood corrected! The biggest perk of this recipe is the ease of throwing it together in the slow cooker without sacrificing the fantastic flavors gumbo provides. And be warned, the andouille sausage will open up your sinuses pretty quickly – it packs a punch!


2. I love where I live. Dahlonega, Georgia is nestled in the North Georgia Mountains, and has a funky and folky vibe. My husband and I actually met in Dahlonega at my youth group’s church retreat at Camp Glisson. After graduating high school, we worked at Glisson during the summer months and developed an incredible community with our fellow counselors. When we moved up here in August after our wedding, it was weird to live in a place that had felt so much like home without all of the people we had begun to consider family. Thankfully, we have some dear friends who live at Glisson year round, and met others who were in town most weekends. Out of this bunch came loads of fun trivia nights and Friday “family” dinners. Each week, we’d rotate who would host and buy the supplies for our meal. We’d then all meet up and cook and eat together (in other words, my favorite thing to do!).

I say all this back story to lead to my discovery of Martha Stewart’s delicious Vegetarian Chili. One of our friends recently took up vegetarianism, and I modified this dish to meet all of our group’s cravings. We cooked the recipe as directed on Martha’s website, with our own variations of the amounts of spices in the mix. We even added a pinch of cinnamon, which rounded things off nicely! After serving our vegetarian friend, we added in browned and seasoned ground beef to the chili and let the mixture absorb the beef’s savory flavor. It was a win-win situation for all of us! Yum!




3. If you are feeling a little to warm after reading this and would prefer something along the lines of frozen yogurt, go back to see my recipe for Strawberry Mint Frozen Yogurt from yesterday. I’d love to hear what think about it!

Happy munching and happy Monday!



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