Monday Munchies: Lemon Chicken Romano

True confessions: I haven’t done much cooking this past week. My dear husband is subbing in as a counselor for the next couple weeks, and so I have been cooking for one on the weekdays. On the upside, I made a fantastic dressing (which I will post later this week) and have been eating a lot more salad. I do miss cooking every night for Brandon though. I’ve found that cooking for others is a love language for me. So if you’re ever nearby and hungry, you know where to get some yummy cooking! 


Brandon’s been a sub counselor this past week, and has two more weeks to go! I miss him a ton, but he’s having a blast and doing an incredible job!

So when Brandon came home for the weekend, I jumped into the kitchen and whipped up a new chicken recipe, which is now being permanently added to our chicken rotation. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the lovely Lemon Chicken Romano!


This chicken is so tasty! It’s my first recipe with panko bread crumbs (which by the way, I learned how to make homemade panko bread crumbs quickly and easily on the How Sweet it is blog here!), and the combination of lightly frying the chicken on the stove and then transferring it to the oven with a cheesy delight on top was divine. Not to mention the panko is mixed with Romano cheese, fresh oregano, and lemon zest – yum! Check out this delicious recipe on Cooking Classy’s blog.

Happy eating!



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