Monday Munchies: A hint of lime

If you’ve seen some of my recipes, you already know I’m a big fan of all things lime. So this plate of goodness I’m writing about is a big winner in my book.


1. Strawberry avocado salsa with cinnamon tortilla chips: First of all, this salsa alone is fantastic. But when you add these cinnamon tortilla chips… WOW. My husband described it as a flavor battle: there are so many wonderful flavors trying to get your attention! Sweet, a little spicy, tangy…it makes me want to whip up some more tortilla chips!


2. Basil Lime Chicken: this has been on my Pinterest board for awhile now and I’m very glad to have finally tried this one. It’s the first time I’ve ever double-marinated chicken, and I think it proves to be a great choice! It gives room for a lot more flavors to permeate through, and its so tasty!

3. Chili Lime Corn: this is actually a recipe my mom gave me during a bridal shower last summer. The recipe is for grilled corn, but I roast mine in the oven at 375 for about 20 minutes.

All in all, a very tasty summery meal with a whole lot of citrusy tang. Enjoy!



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