Monday Munchies: From Breakfast to Dinner

So although there are still many boxes surrounding us, we are comfy and enjoying our new place, and I have gotten the kitchen settled to where I can cook and mess around in the kitchen again – yay!

And let me tell you about this kitchen.

It’s not huge or grandiose by any means, but we have a garbage disposal! I realized after being blessed with one throughout my grade school years and then not having them in rental homes during college that I had been spoiled. The concept of the disposal is just a beautiful thing. And I’m glad we’re reunited.

And in rearranging all of the pots and pans and such, I’ve realized the things I wanted to take more advantage of in my kitchen this year. Chiefly, my Blue Willow tableware.


When Brandon and I got married last year, my grandmother told us she wanted to give us her china. Although I was touched by the gesture, I didn’t really want to have china – I didn’t really see the need. So in lieu of china, my grandmother gave us her Blue Willow dinnerware. These were the dishes we always would use at family gatherings and they have a very special place in my heart. So get excited to see it more often in my posts!

And now, let us proceed on to food and the tickling of tastebuds….

1. For quite some time, I have been wanted to try a good ol’ Toad-in-the-Hole. Now when I say this, I am not talking about sausages in a Yorkshire pudding batter. I realized what I wanted is actually called Egg-in-the-Basket, but so many people also call it the aforementioned name… regardless, I found it and Brandon and myself are now enlightened and smitten with this breakfast dish. It’s quick, easy, and fuses my favorite combination: runny eggs and toast! Apparently my friends all snacked on these treats in childhood. I missed out there. Consider this a mental note for our future children – they will be fed this!

But yes, I started out with this simple recipe from Taste of Home. This is great if you need this to be breakfast on the go because you flip the toast with the egg in it, cooking both sides and sealing in some of the potential runny parts of the yolk. However, when I saw this post, I realized this is what best matched my cravings! A runny center AND saving the hole cut out of the bread as a dipper – perfect!

2. I found out that it’s completely permissible to use raw green tomatoes in things, and incorporated them into my caprese this weekend for my balsamic chicken. I feel guilty because I am being a bit of a tease here because you’re going to have to wait a few days for the recipe. But the tomatoes are just gorgeous. Moment of weakness I know, couldn’t resist!

3. If you or a family member are condiment kings or queens, this BBQ Chicken Apple Pizza is for you. My husband is the sauce guy. Like, in the scene in Julie & Julia when Julie’s husband Eric gets out the salt and pepper to season a Julia Childs dish and Julie looks at him incredulously – that happened with us a long time ago. I had to quickly get over the fact that my man appreciates the flavors of the food I create, but also has a serious love of all things resembling condiments. This recipe took care of all of that for him, and he loved it1 It’s a wild and perfect combination of shredded chicken, apple slices, red onions, cilantro, cheddar cheese, and a hearty amount of barbecue sauce, all on a flatbread. And to also be able to find something that won’t leave my husband looking for more helpings is a big feat. So two thumbs up here!

And for future adventures in food, I came across this delightful list of 101 pumpkin recipes off Buzzfeed. And I preemptively bought a can of pumpkin last night knowing that something has to be done soon about this all-things-fall craving of mine. There are more than a few things on this list of everything from drinks to desserts that I’m drooling over. Expect to here about this soon!

Happy cooking and happy tasting!


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