Monday Munchies: Chicken and Pumpkin (but not together!)

I feel like after sharing all of this tasty food with you, you will be stuffed before even trying it all. These recipes are super fun and I got to put my own spin on a few of them this week! Enjoy!


1. My only sadness here is that I could not get a picture to do these creamy chicken tacquitos justice. Tacquitos always remind me of my senior year in high school. I used to play clarinet in a wind ensemble at Emory University, and my friends and I would carpool together. Often we’d end our trip home with a stop at QT for Freezonis and Tacquitos. They were incredibly tasty, but I always felt a little strange about not knowing exactly what went into them. I love this recipe from Pennies on a Platter because for one, you get to see everything that you put in it and two, it’s overall a pretty healthy treat! Additionally, they do freeze well (just make sure not to bake them before you freeze them), and they’re a perfect dinner or snack item for family members who have the munchies (cough, my husband, cough cough!). So simple and so tasty.

I decided to try to make a warm pico salad with the tacquitos, and it was very tasty! I just sautéed some red onion, red and yellow bell peppers, and a jalapeño (diced with the seeds removed). When it was tender, I added in some cilantro and served it on the side. Perfection. Like I said, my only regret was the photography I’ve presented you with doesn’t do it justice. My apologies.


2. This was an exciting find because it is the perfect meal for feeding a hungry husband. I don’t know if I’m the only one out there (surely I’m not), but my darling man constantly has a grumbling stomach. The man can eat! This being the case, I’m always on the lookout for meals that he will eat and say that he’s full. It’s a rareity, and it happened with this one. So take note, all of you who are scrambling to keep your kitchen stocked for hungry tummies! This one-pot cheesy chicken pasta is one to jot down somewhere! It uses Manwich Bold sauce to provide a – you guessed it – bold flavor! (My only regret here is that Manwich Bold is pretty high in sodium, and next time I’d like to see if I can find a way to replicate its flavor without feeling the need to digest that much salt! I’ll keep you posted if I find a solution – let me know if you find it first!) This recipe was created by a single mom of two, and I noticed that although the flavor was already great, I wanted a little something else added to it for a more spice-loving taste palette. So I added the juice of one lime and a diced jalepeno (seeds removed) into the pot. It did the trick, and I highly recommend this addition if you like an extra kick!

The other great thing about this meal is that we had leftovers, and they’re leftovers Brandon will actually consume! Happy me!


3. I told you that I would try to incorporate something pumpkin-y this week, and boy did I find a recipe that delivered! These baked pumpkin donuts are dee-licious! I mean, don’t you just want to devour the picture?? Yum! They are coated in a cinnamon-sugar mixture. I dunked the donuts in the mixture first, but found that I got too much for my taste. I really wanted the pumpkin flavor to shine! So I would recommend lightly sprinkling the donut with the mixture instead. Then you also get that beautiful swirled look!

Happy eating friends!


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