Monday Munchies on a Tuesday – Chicken and Pumpkin Part 2

Yikes! It’s Tuesday! I still have yummy recipes for you though. Please excuse the tardiness.

1. For a brunch fan, this sweet potato chicken hash was a terrific find! And man, I have to warn you, it’s got a kick! But it’s an oh-so-wonderful kick. The only additions I would make to the instructions is to go ahead and let your diced sweet potatoes boil in water for a bit to soften them up. With the high heat the recipe called for, I felt like I was just blackening my pan and not cooking the sweet potatoes all the way through. But my goodness, what a combo! And with a fried egg on top – YUM!


I went to my favorite store, Williams-Sonoma, this weekend to check out some sweet sale deals, and I found a pop-tart pastry press (I had been eyeing it online for weeks) for $2! I snatched it up and knew the perfect pumpkin recipe to make with it . . .

2. Joy the Baker put up a delightful recipe for Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts with a Maple Glaze. Very tasty! And I loved my experience with the pastry press! It includes a piece that cuts the pop-tart shape and a piece that helps seal together the top and bottom of the pastry. Love it! I want to make all sorts of pop-tarts now and never buy them from the store again!!!! Let’s be honest though, I probably will buy them again. But you know what I mean – these pastries are easy to make and I love knowing exactly what’s going into them!

3. Now this is really just for showcasing another steal I got at Williams-Sonoma. On the 80% off food shelf, I found this little two-pack that has a terrific punch: smoked chipotle paste and a chili lime finishing sauce. The paste is a blend of dijon and chipotles, and you can rub it on meats and such before you grill or roast them. you can use the finishing sauce as a dressing, to top cooked vegetables, or the meat. I rubbed my chicken in it and grilled strips of chicken breast on the George Foreman. I then started sautéing some zucchini (fresh from the final Dahlonega farmers’ market of the year!). When it was almost done, I added in some finishing sauce and then tossed the grilled chicken strips in. Another spicy dish but so very good! My lips were on fire afterwards, but I loved it. I tried to find a link for this product from WIlliams-Sonoma but never came across one. I’ll keep looking!

And as a bonus to all my loyal readers for staying faithful despite my lack of a Monday post, expect a new recipe up later today! You guys are great!


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