Monday Munchies: Pumpkin Gnocchi

The leaves really started to show off this past week. I loved driving through roads of fiery yellows and oranges, deep fuschia reds, and watching trees begin to show their twisted limbs as the leaves begin to fall. Oh my goodness it is food for my eyes! We stopped over in Dahlonega yesterday, and there is this part of the road where you curve around the mountain and then all of a sudden you are greeted with this fantastic view of the North Georgia Mountains. It is always a breath-taking sight, but in the autumn months the hills look like they are on fire. Absolutely wonderful.

This week was also filled with some wonderful fall munchings. And these are worth sharing!

1. This is not a recipe, but a fruit I fell in love with five years ago. I remember picking up an instructional packet with my pomegranate and clumsily figuring out how to cut it and open it up. And even though I felt like the sink looked like I might have murdered my fruit rather than simply sliced it open, I was in heaven. The tangy sweetness with a little crunch hits all of my cravings at once!
And, I finally found a cutting process for this beauty that I really like and recommend. Go here to see this video. It’ll prevent massive amounts of juice staining everything and it allows all of the arils to stay in tact! More for me – yay!

2. For the past couple of years I have been making this pumpkin gnocchi, and I love it! Potato gnocchi has always seemed a bit too dense for me, and pumpkin seems to hit the spot just right. This year, I wanted to incorporate whole wheat flour, so I browsed around for some new recipes to find. And I think I found one I might settle on for a while. I served this recipe in an alfredo sauce with black pepper and sage as seasoning. So good! Not to mention, making gnocchi is so much fun! After cutting up the little pillows of dough, you simply toss them in boiling water. When they are cooked, they’ll rise to the surface.

3. You may remember me raving about Yahoola Creek Grill in Dahlonega. Well, the mister and I went there for Sunday brunch and WOW! I love them even more! I got a Black Forest ham, Brie, and Apple French Toast Panini. What a combination! I found a recipe equivalent online here from the Panini Express cookbook. Expect to see my experimentation and variation soon!


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