Monday Munchies: Pumpkin Roll

I swear this post STARTED on Monday…

So with my one pumpkin recipe a week regimen, I haven’t gotten tired of this delicious gourd. I feel like it’s set a nice pace to my fall munching.

On Saturday night, we had Brandon’s family over for dinner. We had one of our favorite meals: Chicken Parmesan topped with oven-baked Parmesan tomatoes and with a side of green beans. Yum! And for dessert…..


This beautiful pumpkin roll! So I got my pumpkin fix and I can now say that I’ve successfully made a variation of a jelly roll! I was a bit nervous trying this recipe because I don’t own any jelly roll pans. I have a rimmed cookie sheet, and after looking on a bunch of cooking message boards, went ahead and used it, secretly crossing my fingers that the cake batter wouldn’t spill over the sides. But it didn’t! And I probably could have spread out the batter further towards the edges of the pan, which would have made the roll more even and easier to roll. But I guess I’ve learned for next time.

One thing to note is this is definitely a pumpkin spice cake, emphasis on the spice. It has 1 whopping tablespoon of pumpkin pie spice, which really packs the flavor! Yum! My favorite part is the vanilla cream cheese frosting – I dumped the extra and my husband and I have been mourning over it. So many options of other yummy things I could top it with! Hindsight’s 20/20 I guess….

Finally, as with most pumpkin things, the cake is quite moist. So if you’re trying to be clever like I thought I was and give it a cute dusting of powdered sugar, be wary… the pumpkin absorbs all. So much for finishing touches! But man the taste makes you forget about any other concerns, so enjoy!


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