hello friend!

This is a journal birthed out of the need to dream bigger.  I am an avid cook, always looking for more recipes and ideas, who is realizing that I may have a few things to contribute on my own.

Photo courtesy of Tiffany Eyrich and Maggie Garrell

Photo courtesy of Tiffany Eyrich and Maggie Garrell

My fascination with cooking really began when I moved off-campus at the University of Georgia and was faced with creating my first grocery list. As I learned how to cook chicken breasts and make omelets, I realized how much potential and opportunity the kitchen held. I savored the simplicity of steamed veggies, craving all that is fresh and spending way too much time in the produce aisles.

Almost four years later, I am married to my best friend Brandon and living in Dahlonega, Georgia. With our wedding came fun new gadgets and tools to use in the kitchen, undoubtedly my favorite room in our little duplex. I feel like I’ve truly come alive through cooking – it’s a place where I can be methodical and strategic, creative and spontaneous. And sharing my meals with others has become one of my most treasured blessings.

So here I am, an aspiring gardener and learn-as-I-go cook, ready to share my stories and tasty treats with you. Thank you for joining me in this mouth-watering adventure!



3 thoughts on “hello friend!

  1. Hey Melissa! I love your blog. Your food is all so so beautiful 🙂 Since moving to Costa Rica I’ve been cooking a lot lot more so I will have to try your recipes! Love you!

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