Monday Munchies: Healthier Eating

It’s my second week of waking up early for a pre-teaching workout, and today I feel so much more energized and ready to go! I read a wonderful article in the January issue of Real Simple Magazine concerning eating well. To sum it up, rather than focusing on a fad diet, the key is portion control and being aware of what and how often you are putting various foods into your body. It’s a much simpler and more natural way of eating healthy, and it keeps my husband and myself adequately satiated after meals! So I wanted to share with you some of the things that we mix in with our ultra healthy options (check back a few posts to see yummy things like green smoothies and my Mediterranean chicken bowl!).

chicken fried rice1. We love takeout, which is not always the best for you. This chicken fried rice recipe uses soy sauce (I opt for the low-sodium variety) and a little sesame oil, but aside from that, it’s veggies, chicken, egg, and rice. I added broccoli to this recipe because I simply LOVE the taste and texture of stir-fried broccoli. I also found that it’s better to prepare your scrambled egg in a separate pan rather than just stirring it into the veggies. I did this the first time and didn’t end up getting those lovely egg clumps I enjoy – it just made all the rice have essence of egg. Great recipe and super simple!

chicken spinach quesadillas

2. Brandon told me that this recipe was required to be in this post, and I heartily agree! These chicken spinach quesadillas with avocado sour cream are legit! The recipe calls for both goat cheese and shredded monterey jack, but I just used a shredded Mexican cheese blend. And this dipping sauce – oh my it’s divine! Avocado, lime, sour cream, a hint of mayo, onion powder, and salt and pepper (I actually didn’t use the salt – we try and cut that out of our diet as much as possible). So good! Brandon even used the dipping sauce with a ham and cheese sandwich the next day.

almond milk ice cream

3. I always need a sweet incentive to keep me sticking with my healthy eating, and I love this one! Since we’ve moved from milk to almond milk, I wanted to try to make an almond milk ice cream/ frozen yogurt. I found this delicious chocolate banana ice cream recipe that I’m going bananas for! (I know, cheesy, but I had to go for the pun!) It’s just almond milk, 2 smooshed bananas, and a little bit of cocoa powder and sugar. The consistency is a little more wet, probably because it doesn’t have as many things to thicken it up, but I love it! (I also threw in a handful of caramel corn on top the other night, which made my day!)

Hope everyone is doing well with their resolutions! Happy eating!